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What do I need to know about Post-nuptial Agreements?

Can a third party pay child support on behalf of the non-custodial parent?

What is a temporary restraining order?

Can my ex receive a child support modification for quitting a job and starting a new one with lower pay?

What do I need to know about Premarital Agreements?

Expanded Standard Possession Orders

Possession and Access during Holidays

Possession of Children under the age of 3

Is it possible to reverse an uncontested divorce decree?

My spouse is divorcing me. Can they take property without a divorce decree?

Can I be awarded the property before the divorce gets finalized?

Am I entitled to half of my husband’s business when we get a divorce?

Is it required to divide up real property during a divorce?

Can I withdraw money and hide it before filing for a divorce?

What is collaborative law?

How can I ensure I get the house in the divorce?

Does my ex-spouse have a right to my social security benefits after divorce?

If I have joint custody, can my ex move out of state with our child?

Is there a residency requirement when filing for divorce in Texas?

What is an Amicable Divorce?

What does it take to Modify a Divorce Decree?

My spouse says they want a no fault divorce because we can’t afford lawyers, how can I know this is safe?

If my spouse left our home and children recently, do they still have rights to see our children?

I am getting divorced in Austin. Do I need an Austin family lawyer?

How do I choose a divorce attorney in Austin?

What is required to get a divorce in Texas?

How will the Texas court divide up the property my wife and I bought in Houston and Plano during our marriage?

How do Texas courts determine who will get custody of our three minor children after we divorce?

How long do I have to pay child support?

My husband moved away and now has stopped paying court-ordered child support. What should I do?

My husband’s parents say they should have visitation rights with their grandchildren after the divorce. What is the law in our state about this?

I don’t think I need a family law attorney because I can download the divorce forms from the Internet. Can’t I do this divorce myself?

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I’m not getting enough child support for my children, and my ex-husband just got a higher paying job. What can I do to get more support money from him?

How much are my legal fees going to be for a divorce?

I owned property before my marriage that increased substantially in value during my marriage. During the divorce, is my wife entitled to any of the money I’ve made on that property?

I live in Austin. Is there a residency requirement to filing for divorce in Texas?

Is there a mandatory requirement to filing for divorce in Texas?


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