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New Braunfels

New Braunfels Family Law Attorney

Zinda Law Group offers a wide range of family law services in New Braunfels. We respect the fact that family law issues can be deeply personal and emotional for our clients. Our team of New Braunfels Family Law Attorneys help our clients with the legal aspects of family law so they can seek the desired results. Some of the issues we deal with include divorce, child custody and child support.

Divorce and Child Custody

We don’t advise anyone to go through a divorce without a New Braunfels Family Law Attorney. You need to be confident in your decisions as it is extremely difficult to change a divorce decree after the fact. Our family law attorneys assist you with such issues as property division, asset distribution and payment of joint debts. If there are children involved, we handle custody and child support issues as well. We represent you in court if you and your former spouse can’t agree on the major issues.


At Zinda Law Group, we are honored to help clients add to their family through adoption. Even though this is a happy occasion for the adoptive parents, it can also be stressful. There is a multitude of paperwork that must be completed before the adoption is finalized, including terminating the parental rights of the biological parents. We recommend that you seek a family law attorney at the very beginning of your adoption journey.

Legal End-of-Life Issues

As people approach their final years, they may need assistance to ensure that their loved ones receive their assets after they are gone. The lawyers at Zinda Law Group have several years of experience with writing and executing wills on behalf of their clients. We also assist with estate and probate issues.

Elder Care and Living Wills

We help clients prepare a living will to dictate how they are to be cared for in the event that they become too frail to care for themselves. Without a living will in place, doctors are obligated to do everything necessary to prolong a patient’s life. Many people have no desire to linger when they have no quality of life remaining. A living will ensures that your wishes are followed in regards to you day-to-day care and end-of-life decisions. Older clients may wish to appoint an adult child or other relative to manage their financial affairs and make decisions on their behalf. This requires the client to name a Power of Attorney.

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We offer consultations to all new clients as a way to learn more about your family law issue. Please contact our New Braunfels office at 512-246-2224 to schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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